Residential Roofing

Our Residential Roofing Replacement Systems

Ultimate Roof System

  • Remove the old roof system down to the wood deck substrate.
  • Replace any rotted and/or damaged decking as needed.
  • Replace any corroded and/or compromised flashings for optimal protection.
  • Install eave drip flashing around perimeter of the roof.
  • Install GAF Tiger Paw Roof Deck Protection to enhance durability
  • Apply GAF Storm Guard Leak Barrier around roof penetrations and valleys for added waterproofing.
  • Place 20″ wide galvanized metal in valleys to improve water runoff.
  • Secure Ultimate Pipe Flashing around all plumbing vents for a watertight seal.
  • Install GAF Timberline HD or Designer Series shingles.
  • Install TimberTex Premium Ridge Cap Shingles for a polished look.
  • Use ring shanked nails for secure shingle fastening. 
  • Apply paint to applicable flashings to maintain their appearance.
  • Ensure a thorough and complete cleanup for a pristine finish. 

Residential Roofing Warranty 

25-year workmanship warranty provided by GAF (Golden Pledge)

50-year material warranty

Standard Roof System

  • Removal of old roof system down to the wood deck substrate.
  • Replace any rotted and/or damaged decking.
  • Replace any corroded and/or compromised flashings.
  • Install synthetic underlayment.
  • Apply a dependable leak barrier around obstructions for added waterproofing.
  • Enhance water runoff by installing 20″wide galvanized metal in valleys.
  • Ensure proper sealing with galvanized pipe collars around all plumbing vents.
  • Install GAF Royal Sovereign or Timberline HD shingle. (Or equivalent)
  • Finish with self-sealing ridge cap shingles for a secure and polished look.
  • Use smooth shanked nails to fasten shingles.
  • Maintain aesthetics and durability by painting applicable flashings.
  • Provide complete cleanup.


Residential Roofing Warranty

5-year workmanship warranty provided by Guyette Roofing

Applicable material warranty (20,30, or 50-year)


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