Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team 1

Bill Guyette
Founder & Co-Owner

Bill Guyette loves Jesus, his family, missions, the outdoors, and yes, if you know him, you know that he even loves to work! Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, Bill graduated from Syracuse with a degree in forestry and was offered two jobs in two places he had never been before: Wisconsin and Alabama. Not a Christian at the time, Bill didn’t know what it was that “told him” to choose Alabama, but he knew that’s where he needed to go. He packed his bags and moved a thousand miles away to a small town in North Alabama and soon after met the girl who would become his wife, Pam. They eventually moved to Montgomery together where, while still working for the State of Alabama, Bill began building furniture and doing small construction jobs on weekends. After 26 years, he retired from his position as the State Programs Director, jumped into construction full time and hasn’t looked back since.
Guyette Roofing has been in business for over 40 years now and is still family run and operated. Bill and Pam have 3 children and 8 grandchildren and are hoping for more. And the two have faithfully remained involved in church—they taught children’s church together for 13 years, have been teaching Sunday school/Wednesday night classes for the last 45+ years and counting, and they help lead a building crew on missions' trips abroad every summer.
We are thankful that Bill listened when God told him to choose Alabama!

Meet Our Team 2

Billy Guyette

Billy started working with his dad in roofing and construction when he was a young teenager, slowly working his way up from collecting trash at job sites to leading multiple roofing crews a day. He quickly became the go-to person for all things roof related; if you have a roofing problem that no one can figure out—residential or commercial—he’s your guy. Billy graduated from Auburn University of Montgomery with a degree in International Business, but during his time there he also studied abroad in Monterrey, Mexico and Mexico City, Mexico and is fluent in Spanish. He is now married with four children, is an avid reader, and he loves playing basketball, traveling, and learning about other cultures. Billy helps lead Guyette Roofing both in the field and in the office, and Guyette Roofing wouldn’t be what it is today without him!

Meet Our Team 3

Luke Bell
Production Manager

Luke has been the Production Manager at Guyette Roofing since 2018. Prior to joining our team, Luke graduated from Faulkner University with a bachelor's degree in business administration and worked in various construction supply businesses in management roles, giving him a leg up on construction product and pricing knowledge. We jokingly (and also seriously) call Luke the "nicest guy in the office" because he's always welcoming and inclusive. He is married to our Marketing Director, Rachel, and together they have 2 children. In his spare time Luke can usually be found hanging out with his family, cheering on the Tide, or working on cars.

Meet Our Team 4

John Guyette

Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, John graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor's of Science in Resource Management and has since supervised and managed distribution centers and factories across New York State. He's married with 3 daughters, has 38 years of large plant operations experience, is an avid Buffalo Bills fan, and yes, if you're wondering, he is Bill Guyette's younger brother. The last time Bill and John lived in the same city (Buffalo) they had a strict curfew--"before the streetlights come on"--but John and his wife moved down South 2023 to join our team and the brothers are excited to be working together after all this time!

Meet Our Team 5

Adam Tewksbury
Commercial & Residential Estimator

Adam graduated from Troy University with a bachelor's degree in social sciences and has been with Guyette Roofing since 2018. Prior to joining our team, he worked with a construction supply company, giving him extra knowledge in construction product and pricing. Adam is detailed and thorough in his work, never complains and always brings a positive attitude to the office. He is married with 3 children and loves his family, baseball, reading, and Jesus.

Meet Our Team 6

Jaime Rodriguez
Project Manager

Meet Our Team 7

Lucio Miranda
Repair Team

Lucio joined our team in 2004 when he was just a teenager (and even went on a church trip with the Guyette family) and has remained steady and loyal ever since. He is one of the hardest working, most skilled people we know; he is dependable, always shows up on time and never complains. He has consistently led by example by bringing his strong work ethic and positive attitude to job sites for the last 2 decades. Lucio has one son who he loves spending time with.

Meet Our Team 8

Tim Kellum
Commercial Estimator

Tim Kellum graduated from Auburn University with a bachelor's degree in public administration and has worked in management roles in different construction supply companies ever since. He is married with 5 children (all boys), currently lives in Trussville, Alabama, loves sports and cooking, is great with people, and has been an asset to the Guyette Roofing team since joining us in 2021.

Meet Our Team 9

Mindy Duncan
Office Manager

Mindy joined our team in 2022 and steadily takes excellent care of our office, supports and encourages our team, and is usually the first voice you'll hear when you call Guyette Roofing.

Meet Our Team 10

Mike Williams
Repair Team Leader

Meet Our Team 11

Robert Lindsey
Project Manager

Meet Our Team 12

Rachel Guyette Bell
Marketing Director

As the daughter of Bill Guyette, Rachel has been around construction her entire life and started her first job at 12 years old: answering the Guyette "business phone" (the landline for the Guyette family at the time) for a quarter per phone call. She later earned a bachelor's degree in history and a master's degree in secondary education, taught history at a magnet middle school in Montgomery for 4 years, and then came back home to Guyette Roofing in 2020. Rachel is married to Luke Bell, who works as the Production Manager, and loves taking care of their 2 little ones, traveling, history, and photography.

Meet Our Team 11

Taelor Joy

Meet Our Team 11

Miranda Ambrosio
Repair Team

Meet Our Team 11

Daonte Duncan
Material Runner

While still working at UPS, Daonte (Da for short) started running materials to job sites for Guyette Roofing in 2024 part-time. You may or may not see him bringing the crew a truckload of roofing supplies during your job, but if you do, he'll always greet you with a smile!

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