Commercial Roofing

Guyette Roofing and Construction provides complete commercial roof systems to buildings in Montgomery, Birmingham, Mobile, Baldwin County, and the surrounding areas of Alabama.  

Our Commercial Roofing Approach

Our approach to the Alabama commercial roofing industry is centered on educating the customer first. We understand that each commercial roof is a custom roof, with a unique character and a unique set of flaws that must be addressed individually. Flat or low-sloping roofs are common in commercial roofing, especially in urban locations. This can mean more UV exposure, specific drainage considerations, and a proper roofing system to support the structural needs of the building. Commercial roofs also tend to have more ventilation output so tailoring the right roofing product and installation to each commercial roof is essential. 

For every commercial roof, we do a detailed roof system analysis, complete with a custom roof system design, Infrared Thermal Imaging for moisture and leak detection, maintenance plans, and cost-benefit analyses so our clients can make informed decisions. 

We do all types of commercial roofing. We do basic multi-ply, built-up systems, along with the more advanced, single-ply systems listed below. When working in a commercial setting, we are courteous and sensitive to the business operations of the commercial building. Every commercial roof is done in strict accordance with OSHA regulations. 

If you need commercial roofing installation or a commercial roof repair in Montgomery, Birmingham, Mobile, Baldwin County or the surrounding areas, call us or contact us through our website for a commercial roof inspection.

PVC Roofing

TPO Roofing

TPO – A polyester scrim-reinforced, single-ply roofing system designed for mechanical, fully adhered, and ballasted attachment, with hot-air welded seams. TPO is the most economical of the single-ply roof systems. It comes in 45mil, 60mil, or 80mil thickness. TPO seams are heat welded, which makes it an excellent roof system for low-slope commercial roof application.

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