Roof Installation Day, and How to Prepare the Inside of Your Home

You can prepare the inside of your home for a new roof installation  by taking into consideration people and pets, wall hangings and lights fixtures, and attic space. Most homeowners know intuitively that the day their new roof is installed there will be lots of noise and vibrations that can be heard and felt on the inside of their homes. You can prepare by following a few easy steps.
To begin, you should carefully consider the effects of the noise and vibrations of the roof installation on the people living in the home. It may be wise to take a baby to someone else’s house for the day, as the noise from shingle tear off and installation will be constant throughout the day and the baby will be unable to sleep. Also, if someone living in the home has sensory issues, they too should find an alternative accommodation for the day as the roof installation can be pretty intense on the senses. And the homeowner should remember pets as well. Many cat and dog breeds will have a hard time with the noise and vibrations of a new roof installation. Dropping them off at pet daycare for the day may be the best way to avoid a traumatic experience. If the pet is able to stay inside during the roof installation, be aware that you may have to wait to let them outside to go to the bathroom to avoid falling shingles and nails. Before letting them out, you should always communicate with the worksite manager to make sure that it is safe.
Next, you should be mindful of all things attached to walls and ceilings on your new roof day. If your home has two stories, then the second floor should be prioritized over the first floor. You should remove all hanging objects from walls. Pictures, art, even flimsy bookshelves are all subject to falling during the most intense parts of roof tear off and installation. Chandeliers and fragile light fixtures should be stabilized or even taken down in situations where fixtures are in close proximity to roof installation. Glass, china, and vases should also be considered potential breakable objects during roof installation and should be tended to accordingly.
Lastly, though you likely won’t be in the attic during your new roof installation, you should think about the belongings that you store in your attic. Wood chips, nails, dust, and shingle grit are all likely to fall into your attic during tear off and shingle installation. If something in your attic is especially fragile, you should remove it from the attic altogether. You should drape the remaining objects in your attic with plastic or sheets to prevent them from getting dusted with shingle debris. Also, be prepared for a small amount of shingle grit to fall when you open your drop down attic door after the roof installation.
Preparing the inside of your home for the day of your new roof installation is easy if you plan ahead. Just remember to take care of people and pets, wall hangings and light fixtures, and attic space before the big day.

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