The Roofing Process

Step One – Call us for a free roof consultation: 

The first step in the roofing process is calling us.  Either Bill Sr. ,Billy, Jonathan, or Jordan will schedule a time to look at your roof, gather measurements, talk about any problems the roof is having, and discuss solutions. During the initial visit, we will be assessing the roof from all sides, measuring the height and pitch of the roof, and will try to determine whether or not the roof has any hidden damage that will need to be addressed before re-roofing. 

Step Two – The Proposal: 

After diagnosing and talking about any problems your roof is having, we will present you with a free roof estimate. The estimate will include a clear scope of work, a total price, and warranty information. We try to be as detailed as possible explaining the estimate, and encourage you to ask lots of questions. By the end of this step, you will know exactly what to expect concerning the scope of work before starting the roof.  

Step Three – Scheduling: 

Once the contract is approved/signed and a product and color is selected, your job will be officially put on our schedule. 

Step Four – Delivery of Material:

To minimize disruption, material will be delivered the same week of the roof installation (weather permitting). 

Step Five – Installation of Roof System: 

     – Remove all old roofing material to wood deck substrate. Many roofers, to save time and/or money, leave the old underlayment on the roof deck, preventing proper   
        roof deck preparation and voiding manufacturing warranties. 
     – Properly prepare the roof deck by changing out rotted/damaged decking. Add fasteners as needed. 
     – Change roof flashings as needed. This includes but is not limited to chimney flashings, skylights, wall and apron flashing, base flashings and step flashings. 
     – Install  synthetic underlayment (moisture barrier) to entire roof. 
     – Install roof system (details chosen by customer) 

* All jobs to be managed by a project manager 100% of the time during roof installation * 

Step Six – Final Payment