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Montgomery, AL Roofing

Guyette Roofing and Construction has served the Montgomery , AL area for nearly 40 years. We have grown from a one-man woodworking operation (Bill Sr. built furniture) in a Montgomery garage, to a full scale roofing company capable of doing the largest residential and commercial jobs. We have installed several thousand residential and commercial roof replacements and roof repairs in Montgomery over the years. 

We have a permanent location in the heart of Montgomery, AL at 1849 Upper Wetumpka Rd. We specialize in all types of roof systems, both residential and commercial. From asphalt shingles on residential roofs to TPO and single ply membranes on commercial roofs, we take pride in every roof we build. We view every roof as a complete roof system, dependent on all aspects of the roof (proper flashings, underlayment, shingle spacing, nail placement, chimney flashings, skylights, etc.) to function properly. 

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Roofing Projects in Montgomery

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New TPO roof system on Montgomery, AL church

Built in 1925, St. John the Baptist Catholic church has had several roof replacements over the nearly 100 years it’s been in Montgomery, AL. Despite the multiple roof replacements, the roof still had several chronic leaks. However, like a lot of older roofs, the roof was never actually replaced, but layers of new roofing were installed on top of the old roofs.

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Why Roof Pipe Collars Leak

Undoubtedly, one of the most common types of roof leak are leaky roof pipes. The most common cause of a leaking vent pipe occurs at the collar surrounding the base of the pipe. The base of the vent is usually aluminum or galvanized steel, but the collar, or gasket, is usually made of rubber or plastic.

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Highest Roof In Alabama

This 1950’s transmitter building at the top of Mount Cheaha in Mt. Cheaha State Park had (4) layers of old roofing on top of a concrete substrate. It had been leaking for years and was in desperate need of a new roof system.

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TPO Recover on Montgomery, Alabama Commercial Roof

This particular commercial roof had (3) fully operational stores below. Each store had customers coming in and out of the building on a daily basis. Also, each store was experiencing roof leaks with every rain. And summer times in Alabama, are unforgiving to comprised roof systems.

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Leaking roof valleys and how to fix them

Roof valleys, if not installed correctly are one of the most leak prone areas on the roof. Because roof valleys function as a drain on the roof, they receive as disproportionate volume of water every time it rains.

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